Communications Assistant – Native French Speaker

Job Title: Communications Assistant – Native French Speaking
Number: 2
Industry: Lottery
Location: Nairobi
Salary: Kshs. 50k – 60k

Virtual Recruitment and Staffing Services Ltd is one of the leading Recruitment firms in Kenya. Our client is one of the leading lottery and sports betting operator in emerging markets. The company has brands in over 18 national divisions across Africa/Asia and with central offices in London. They are looking for a native French speaking communications assistant with love for soccer.

Job Responsibilities
• Supporting the content manager with sports, betting and company news for use across a broad platform of channels including print, web, social media, mobile and POS TV
• Supporting the implementation of this content through channels across approximately ten national brands
• Creating a social media schedule with engaging and interactive content
• Creating new copy and sourcing existing material in a highly organised and efficient process
• Communicate effectively with local marketing managers to develop local news content
• Opportunity to support the Marketing Team with the development in all areas of communication including branding, point of sale and customer/employee communications

Competencies and Qualifications Desired
• Must be a native French Speaker
• Must have love and knowledge of soccer
• An enthusiastic, highly organized and disciplined individual
• A Degree in Communication, Mass Communication, Public Relations or Journalism
• Excellent English writing/editing skills, meticulous eye for detail
• Strong knowledge and interest in football and betting
• Good interpersonal skills and an ability to communicate effectively
• Flexibility to work evenings and weekends
• Proficient on Facebook and Twitter
• An understanding of the unique characteristics of the countries we operate in
• Bilingual: French / Swahili desirable but not essential

How To Apply
If you are up to the challenge, posses the necessary qualification and experience, please send your CV only quoting the job title on the email subject (Communications Assistant – Native French Speaking) to or log in to our website before Friday 15th July, 2016. Kindly indicate current/last salary on your CV

N.B: We do not charge any fee for receiving your CV or for interviewing

only candidates short-listed for interview will be contacted.

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